NHSEI Isolation Gowns

Attention all Care Homes and Private Hospitals

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Our Quality Management. Your Reassurance.

With Elis dedicated processing facilities you are assured of the highest industry standards, so you don’t have to compromise on the levels of protection for your PPE.

  • Uncompromised PPE quality, protection and performance. Our facilities are dedicated to the exclusive processing of reusable barrier textiles, eliminating cross-contamination and linting.
  • Diligent Cleanroom process. All isolation gowns will be hand inspected on light tables, folded and packed by highly trained operators.
  • Track and Trace. Ability to track the Gown processing cycle through 75 washes, using advanced RFID technology.
  • VAT reclaim.**
  • Clinical waste reduction.

**Not applicable to Private Hospitals ***Blue water represents water that is used and not returned to the source, and thus represents depletion of a fresh water source.

Proactively working with you to achieve a more sustainable approach to your PPE supply chain whilst reducing your clinical waste costs, we offer you reusable Isolation gowns, processed in our dedicated facilities*.

Technical specification

Style No: GOWN/PPE
Fabric: 99% Polyester, 1% Electrostatic Dissipative Caron Yarns
Fabric weight: 105gsm
Sizing: One size
Dimensions: Centre back length 123cm Sweep 153cm Cuff 8.9cm
Colour: Yellow
Laundering: Thermal disinfection and tumble dry. Remove load immediately once goods are dry. (up to 75x washes)
Testing: AAMI Level 2 (fabric only) / FDA registered
Lifespan: 75 uses